MXD Championships
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Photo Gallery

Mixed Open Finalists

Mixed Open Finalists

Mixed 6.0 Finalists

Mixed 6.0 Finalists

Mixed 7.0 Finalists

Mixed 7.0 Finalists

Mixed 8.0 Finalists

Mixed 8.0 Finalists

Tournament Prizes
Photo credit Nikola Lakic

Open Finalists

8.0 Finalists

7.0 Finalists

6.0 Finalists
Photos courtesy Stacey Stoutt Photography

The crowd.

The crowd.

The crowd.

Bellevue Club member Julie Varon entertains with keyboard player Chris Merrick at the player party and auction.

Geof O’Conner and Brian Nash look on as Annette Alling addresses the crowd.

Tim and Annette Alling with Joyce Taylor, who emceed the tourney.

Bellevue Club pros Zuzana Brogdon and Brian Nash go up against Sammamish Club pro April Thompson and Bellevue Club member Duke Dixon (filling in for an injured Perry Elsasser).

The crowd.

The crowd.

The crowd.

The crowd.

Spectators lined the court to view the pros’ exhibition while others examined the auction items offered along the back wall.

The crowd.

Singer/songwriter Loni Rose performed for the crowd.

Participants gathered at the players’ party.

Tournament players and partners Dan Halos and Pamela Ridgway.

Tournament participants Dan and LeeAnn Talbott.

Mixed doubles 8.0 consolation winners Angie Nguyen and Adrian Cosma.

Mixed doubles 8.0 champions Cheryl Thoreson and Brian Dixon.

Mixed doubles 6.0 champions Charles “Chaz” Maddy and Tami Smith.

Mixed doubles 6.0 consolation winners Kathy Binder and Brad Powell.

Karen Dunlop, Dana Landry and Ken Price (front row, l-r) enjoyed the tennis exhibition.

Tennis Director Brian Nash attacked a high forehand volley during the Saturday night exhibition.

Pros Brian Nash and Zuzana Brogdon shook hands after their exhibition match.

BC tennis pro Gary Schaab got down for a low volley during the exhibition.

Annette Alling (with husband Jim) was a driving force behind the success of the fund-raiser.

Neal and Leslie Bernstein relaxed with Jacqueline and Matt Leibsohn (l-r) at the players’ party.

Guests examined silent auction items, which were donated to raise money for First Place School.

Kelly and Jon Burke

Star 101.5 DJ Curt Kruse and Tennis Director Brian Nash led the live auction segment.



7.0 Open Division champion Susan Mackey

Pros Zuzana Brogdon & Brian Nash

Alice Souders

Alice Souders

Alice Souders

Alice Souders

Star 101.5 FM’s Alisa Hashimoto,
Annette Alling & Geoff Byrd (l-r)

Annette Alling

Annette Alling

Carol Nissen

Carol Wagner

Chrissy Miller

Star 101.5 FM’s DJ Curt Kruse

Dave Austin

Dave Austin and Jim Alling

Dean Tarabochia

8.0 Open Division champion Doug Ruffin

8.0 Open Division champion Doug Ruffin

Geoff O’Conner

Larry and Ruth Mayo, Marla Volpe and Debbie Alexander listen to live music

back( l-r) Julie and Kevin Larkin/front (l-r) BC pro David Lombardi with Ken Johnson

The crowd

Jim Alling

Jon Rigdon with Susan and Tom Walker

Judi Powell winning the raffle prize

Ken Price and Dana Landry

Mario Lopez attacks his first serve

Marty Nizlek

Umpire Mike Larson

Sandy Rice

Sarah & Ryan McKinney share a quiet moment between matches

Shinji Kokage serves

Shinji Kokage

Spencer Schwisow
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