MXD Championships

Draws & Results
2024 DRAWS

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6.0 Division
Champions: Joanne Hasbrook/David Hasbrook
2nd Place: Ann Molitor/Murali Musturnagarajan
Consolation: Camila Diez-Barrosso/Rodrigo Hutt
7.0 Division
Champions: Janet Yingling/Alfred Yu
2nd Place: Nancy Fletcher/Matt Scher
Consolation: Deniz Ozkaraoglu/Tamer Ozkaraoglu
8.0 Division
Champions: Connie Min/Bally Bang
2nd Place: Melissa Kaptik/Mario Lopez
Consolation: Sveta West/Todd Sherman
Open Division
Champions: Annie Chechitelli/Charles Thompson
2nd Place: Eugenia Salvo/John Gallelli
Consolation: Megan Bassetti/Matt Allen
3.0 Division
Champions: Laurie Larson / Alan Fulp
2nd Place: Maria Quinn / Ken Quinn
3rd Place: Alison Kojima / Andre Huang
3.5 Division
Champions: Beth Herron / Chris Herron
2nd Place: Karen Randall / Chris Randall
3rd Place: Francisca Bravo / Andrew Cherry
4.0 Division
Champions: Phoebe Wu / Stephen Jensen
2nd Place: Holly Schramm / Dennis Poppe
3rd Place: Keena Kaye / Calvin Huynh
4.5+ Division
Champions: Miok Lee / Tuyen Nguyen
2nd Place: Faye Lock / Ming Lin
3rd Place: Sydney Suzuki / Riley Inn
2022 Results

Open Champions: Mei McRae/Matt Brewer
2nd Place: Raina Zaffar/Andrew Suver
Consolation: Connie Min/Bally Bang

8.0 Champions: Priyanka Joshi/Madhur Joshi
2nd Place: Heidi Scalzo/Jeff Blackburn
Consolation: Candy Doud/David Doud

7.0 Champions: Dana Landry/Erwin Chung
2nd Place: Anna Graves/Warren Yasutake
Consolation: Shera Myers/Mike Myers

6.0 Champions: Emily Negley/Alex Stark
2nd Place: Melissa Jones/Mike Wood
Consolation: Renee Sedghinasab/Kevin McNeil

2021 Results

Open Champions: Eugenia Salvo/Chuong Tran
2nd Place: Mei McRae/Matt Brewer
Consolation: Julia Dunbar/Jacob Buckley

8.0 Champions: Jennifer Clemente/Jeong Lee
2nd Place: Cindy Nelson/Cliff Flekser
Consolation: Connie Min/Nathan Rosnow

7.0 Champions: Priyanka Joshi/Madhur Joshi
2nd Place: Sveta West/Henry Farber
Consolation: Leslie Bernstein/Kevin Bernstein

6.0 Champions: Erin Callaghan/Mark Callaghan
2nd Place: Lindsey Holt/Adam Holt
Consolation: Cherry Ching/Stanley Ching

2020 Results

Open:Champions: Mei McRae/Matt Brewer
2nd Place: Angel Le/Aaron Coe
Consolation: Lydia Sun/Mike Costello

8.0 Champions: Kate Scher/Scott Griff
2nd Place: Carmen Zlateff/Aaron Coe
Consolation: Julie Huard/Zach Zygar

7.0 Champions: Eileen Wang/Jeff Stoner
2nd Place: Nancy Fletcher/Matt Scher
Consolation: Footie Davis/Andy Allison

6.0Champions: Adina Friedman/Bruce Seeley
2nd Place: Shera Myers/Mike Myers
Consolation: Indu Tursa/Matthew Klutznick

2019 Results

Open: Champions: Stella Jones/Roman Kravchuk
2nd Place: Shelley Whelan/Rob Green
Consolation: Megan Bassetti/Peter Greeley

8.0 Champions: Karen Sheppard/Robert Sheppard
2nd Place: McKenna Mullet/Mark Mullet
Consolation: Sarah Schodde/Juan Vegarra

7.0 Champions: Beth Goodman/Peter Goodman
2nd Place: Meredith Barry/Chris Barry
Consolation: Paige Green/James Owen

6.0 Champions: Amy Neely/Matt Kempf
2nd Place: Jill Hancock/David Hasbrook
Consolation: Ju Lee/Todd Sherman
2018 Results

Open: Champions: Stephanie Koetje/Kyle Koetje
2nd Place: Marne Whitney/Kevin Lyle
Consolation: Megan Bassetti/Peter Greeley

8.0: Champions: Shreyaa Mukund/Mukund Soundarajan
2nd Place: Cindy Goetzmann/Aaron Coe
Consolation: Priscilla McAughan/Fiachra O'Dea

7.0:Champions: Jodi Major/Chris Barry
2nd Place: Molly Fort/Scott Armstrong
Consolation: Karen Lang/Mark Waldron

6.0Champions: Sue Matyas/Justin Thorsen
2nd Place: Suzan Chavez/Rick Chavez
Consolation: Carin Parcel/Andrew Parcel
2017 Results

Open: Champions: Kate Dieveney/Mike Walters
Runners up: Janessa Wilson/Connor Vordale

8.0: Champions: Effie Gleason/Andrew Parcel
Runners up: Melinda Eley/Zach Zygar

7.0: Champions: Nancy Koefoed/Chris Barry
Runners up: Sue Matyas/Peter McKinnon

6.0 Champions: Sue Matyas/Steven Matyas
Runners up: Jill Hancock/James Tursa
2016 Results

6.0 Finals: Anna Karlin/Evan Cohn   def.  Sandra Stark/John Forrest  7-6, 6-4
7.0 Finals: Sarah Meajlander/Juan Vegarra  def.  Tracy Jolly/Henry Farber    6-1, 6-1
8.0 Finals: Ashley Chen/Kin Ung  def.   Ashley Koo/Samuel Koo   6-4, 6-4
Open Finals: Janessa Wilson/Connor Vordale  def.  Susie Carney/Jay Struss  1-6, 6-1, 10-6
Consolation Winners
6.0:  Christie Ritchie/Dave Gregory
7.0:  Nancy Fletcher/David Gartenberg
8.0:  Kate Scher/Mario Lopez
Open:  Andrea Olson/Dan Halos
2015 Results

6.0 Finals: Sarah Mejlaender/Juan Vegarra def. Magdalena Kalowska/James Owen 6-1, 6-0
7.0 Finals: Ashley Koo/Samuel Koo def. Karen Lang/Mark Waldron 7-6, 6-2
8.0 Finals: Anna Kitson/Chris Lewis def. Leigh Perks/Ono Perzia 6-3, 7-5
Open Finals: Kathleen McNamee/Jeff Servoss def. Catherine Green/Lawrence Chan 4-6, 6-3, 10-8
2014 Results

Jeff Servoss/Jesse Yeneva (round-robin)
Lisa Silver/Brock Loen  def.  Alice Souders/Dan Halos
6-1, 7-5
Anette and Juan Vegarra  def.  Lisa Silver/Chris Nelson
6-3, 6-2
Hisayo and Satoshi Nakajima  def.  Michelle and Steve Lin
5-7, 6-3, 10-8
2013 Results

1. Jennifer Weller/Mike Walter    7-5, 6-4
2. Catherine Green/Lawrence Chan
C. Akiko Suzuki/John Gallelli
1. Alice Souders/Dan Halos   6-2, 6-1
2. Holly Yang/Frank Cheung
C.   Eleanor Parks/Brock Loen
1. Genevieve Warren/Craig Neal  6-4, 3-6, 10-4
2. Laurie Larson/Kurt Larson
C. Lisa Silver/Chris Nelson
1. Jen and Troy Chambers   6-2, 6-7, 12-10
2. Ashley and Samuel Koo
C. Julie Varon/Brandon Goldman
2012 Results

Open: Erika Takeuchi/Jeff Servoss def. Atchara Wannachinda/Phil Ansdell 6-3, 6-4
Open Consolation: Catherine Green/Lawrence Chan def. Susan Fascitelli/Derek Gates 6-3, 6-2
8.0: Jen Ballsmith/Jay Struss def. Crissey Miller/Mario Lopez 7-6, 3-6, 10-6
8.0 Consolation: Beth Hom/Derek Gates def. Michelle Neal/Tom Rude 5-5 retired
7.0: Renee/Jesse Stanley def. Sarah Martin/Bill Popp Jr. 6-1, 5-7, 11-9
7.0 Consolation: Cindy Goetzmann/Scott Griff def. Mari/Robert Moline 6-4, 5-7, 10-7
6.0: Heather Watts/Chris Bingham def. Cindy Goetzmann/James Owen 6-3, 6-0
6.0 Consolation: Kin Lam/Chuck Chao def. Denise/Dan Stumpf 6-3, 6-4

2011 Results

6.0: Ray Leidle and Terrie Luquette def. Jon Rigdon and Jennifer Shields
7.0: Ryan Allison and Linda Berghoff def. Cindy Smith and Dan Halos
8.0: Alex Chen and Crissey Miller def. Jen Ballsmith an Ja Struss
Open: Dylan Cohon and Kristina Stastny def. Laurie Scantlebury and Reid Wiggins
2010 Results

Open: Becky Evans and Jeff Casserd def. Jennifer Weller and Eric Booker.
8.0: Crissey Miller and Alex Chen def. Carrie Browne and Brock Loen.
7.0: Janet Lui-Hansen and Jeff Davies def. Mami Koenig and Shunsuke Kogure.
6.0: Ginger Buetow and Gary Zukowski def. Carol Nissen and Bill Schultheis.
2009 Results

Open: Robert Vincent and Shelley Wheelan defeated Becky Bernhard and Anthony Collelo.
8.0: Won by Sarah Addicott and Mark Haeckel over Jennifer Ramberg and Mathew Rorvik.
7.0: Kyle Faino and Bernadette Cuyugan defeated Nancy Fletcher and Theodis Gamet.
6.0: Wwon by Nancy and Bill Koefoed over Jamee Nunnelee and Bruce Lowry.

Open - Doug & Julie McDaniel def. Doug Blik & Jennifer Weller
8.0 - Todd McAuley & Jennifer Weller def. Mike & Kerry Gugliotto
7.0-Bill Schultheis & Lisa Silver def. Crissey Miller & Charles Maddy
6.0-Ian Morris & Mary Jo Rerucha def. Tricie Hunter & Bill Schultheis

 In the open division, Dave Larson and Laura Lund defeated Duke Dixon and Mindy Blakeslee. Aldo Soto and Eugenia Salvo won over Todd McAuley and Jennifer Weller in the 8.0 division. Division 7.0 champions Thomas Dizon and Molly Miller defeated Dan Halos and Natalie Pryde; and Sebastian Aquirre and Christina Long beat out Ted and Kathy Perkins in the 6.0 division. The winning teams each enjoyed prizes from the 520 Bar and Grill and Yama Japanese Restaurant, as well as Sturtevant’s gift cards.
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